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The Oxford Handbook of Borderlands of the Iberian World

Información del Libro

  Autor(es) :Dra. Danna Alexandra Levin Rojo
Dra. Cynthia Radding
  Paginas : 890
  ISBN : 978-019-93-4177-1
  Año : 2019


"Borderlands" as a field of academic inquiry and public interest has opened new dimensions of interdisciplinary research and critical thought at the same time that ethnohistorical approaches to imperialism and colonialism have produced critical analyses of European imperial spheres in the Americas and other world regions. Recent scholarship has widened the traditional views of borderlands focused on Euro-Amerindian relations of domination, resistance, and accommodation to highlight the changes that occurred in the economies, cultures, and political relations among Native American societies. Therefore, current conceptualizations of borderlands are rooted in Native American cross-ethnic interaction that shaped European imperial frontiers.
The Oxford Handbook of Borderlands of the Iberian World offers a balanced state-of-the-art representation of the most innovative research in the field. It integrates interdisciplinary approaches to the production of Iberian imperial borderlands in the Americas, from southwestern United States to Patagonia, and their connections to trade and migratory circuits extending to Asia and Africa.
The contributors to this Handbook expand the undestranding of borderlands to comprehend both terrestrial and maritime spaces of ecological transitions and ethnic and cultural exchanges among Native American, African, European, and Asian populatios. The volume illustrates the historical processes that produced borderlands in the Americas and connected them to global circuits of exchange and migration in the early modern world.

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